hoopy gnu beer from Cottonwood Creek Falls…

…seems I’ve said this before?? Oh well…

This year, much different from this time last year. Oh, I was oh-so-enthusiastic about the new job oppty–not anymore!? GAH!? I’m working like a freak, really stressed out all the time, and definitely not as far down the path on some of the joys I was chasing back then.

Still, I did a lot of screenprinting, and I have really worked my ass off (in typical startup fashion) this year, in a way that I haven’t worked in almost a decade. It’s been good knowing I can work that kind of pace again, but I fear it has been pearls before swine. Who knows?? Mebbe someone will twigg to the notion that I’m not happy with how things are going and maybe actually come talk to me and see what might be done about it.

HAHAHA!? See!? I’m positive!? I can imagine myself in a happier space!? HAHAHA!

I have many explicit goals for this year:

  • Get Happy: lots behind this goal, but clear enough right here
  • Lose Weight: been hovering at 260-270 for the last several years–time to leave it behind
  • The List: I’m managing a list of “loose threads” that still need to be gathered and clipped

For now, that’s all I’m selling: again, got to be careful how much one oversell’s one’s intentions–the shiftless like to judge, after all.

Ahem. Anyway–new for this year, the Hiking Thing. Don’t know what to call it, don’t know where it will take us long-term (I need to be more careful about selling long-term objectives, because people don’t always understand how they line up, and when they don’t come to pass, yer seen as flaky: I’d rather state five objectives and only make one, than what most folks do: set no goals, never accomplish anything beyond holding down the couch and consuming season-TV-DVDs…

To that end, today, New Year’s Day, we headed out to Cottonwood Creek Falls, in the southwestern foothills of Mt. Laguna. 1.8 miles round-trip, with about 800′ of elevation change, starting about about 4000′. We were out with the puppies, at first on leads (which proved useful in helping them to understand the way around some obstacles and getting across/over water), and then later without leads (learning to be controlled by voice).

The hike down was too easy: 0.7 miles to a dogleg north, and just a few hundred feet to the base of the falls. Once we got there, we had a sit and some lunch, and then Sunshine and I took turns scrambling up the last bit of the falls to see what was up there (the scramble was a bit beyond the dogs, something we’ll need to consider in the future).

This hike was a lot of fun, really good getting out in the sun and out-n-about with the dogs!