a revival…

…a few months ago, I made the internal observation that Facebook and other social media had essentially taken over as my form of content generation (made obvious by the evidence of the lack of posting here).  This has been made worse by other changes in my life: work issues have left me feeling more negative than positive (and I don’t like the negativity leaking onto the blog, so I avoid posting about it), moving away from Ocean Beach has meant I’m doing must less photography, and in general I’ve just been focusing creative outputs elsewhere.

These last few weeks, though, I’ve been deeply introspective about what it is I want from my life and how I am spending my time.  I’m getting to the point to where I think that my creative output needs to accrue to the things that I want to develop, not building other things that don’t necessarily accrue to my goals (and worse, don’t really reflect anything back to me in return).

So I’m battening that down, and am going to be consolidating things: reducing complexity in order to maximize the things that I think are most important.  This website being one of those things…  Hopefully, this is a harbinger of a return to frequent posting, although probably not solely of a photographic nature.

One of my recent fascinations has been this LiveJournal Image Feed, which is a clever little hack to show the last 50 pictures posted to LiveJournal.  I’ve wasted an enormous amount of time just refreshing that page endlessly (and to a lesser extent, PingWire too, which is the same notion but for Twitter).  WARNING: these links are potentially VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!  In several cases, what can be seen at these links can NOT be un-seen. Don’t whine to me if you end up being confronted with some 70-year-old taint or a bearded cross dresser or vomit pics.  This is the beauty of the Intarwebs, get over it.

The LJ feed has taught me several things:

  • Russia has the Intarwebs
  • People really like to post pictures of their own junk (and I’m not just talking about genitalia)
  • About 10% of the Intarwebs think hotlinking is a crime tantamount to baby rape (read: YFrog and other Twitter picture hosts).  I feel for them and their desire to get page reads to bump up their advertiser revenue, but too bad–I never once agreed to be their market, I owe them no social contract (and no, I don’t use Twitter anymore).  If you see an image go stale, please let me know…

And so–in just one update, the following appeared on the LJ Feed:

Bad Jesus

Boy clearly needs a whipping.  Will you look at that sloppy tunic?

I Have A Headache

Cuddles Lower My Heartrate