two new cameras…

…have entered my daily carry:

  • Nexus 6 has a great on board camera, and is the device I carry most.
  • Fujifilm X-A1: I bought this used locally off of craigslist, and then immediately added a small lens so that it could be pocket carried (it can’t). There are “lens cap cover lenses” available for many mirrorless cameras, alas, not for this one.

I need to play more with the Nexus 6’s camera — I just haven’t been shooting much, but I’m looking to put some focus back on this and make a change. Possibly a project or two.

But here’s the best image I’ve got from it so far:

The “mirrorless experiment” is really about seeing if downsizing my camera rig means that I take it with me more. I wasn’t really having trouble taking it with me on other trips, but it was a pretty big, bulky burden.

The Fujifilm is an older camera by mirrorless standards — there are several more recent (and expensive) models. So far, I’m not really sure that I want to invest in a bunch of glass for this particular brand, but I really need to be out shooting with it more before I make that kind of decision.

The previous post had pictures all taken with the X-A1 — here’s a few more.

This one looks almost like it’s from the same day as above. Trust me, it isn’t.

There’s been plenty of rain and cloudy days lately, and although it was booming thunder not 30 minutes ago, right now it’s sunny out…

These three, though — obviously, all from the same day. Probably could have culled the post down to one, but feh, I’m testing a camera still…

Oh, and mid-May lake means: goslings! (I apparently busted them while they were tagging the stump in the background…)