finally, from denver…

Well, that was a crazy couple of weeks, and quite possibly the most stressful move I’ve ever done.

But first…I really like how this one looks like it’s inverted at first…

These were from our first night here:

And these are from tonight — first is an establishing shot, showing how much of the sky I can see between a couple of flanking buildings:

With some clever framing, I can remove the buildings, but it makes the shots somewhat static:

And then there’s this moron, who’s happy to not be in the back of the CRV:

So, yeah. We did a ton of downsizing. This amounted to “cleaning the house before the cleaning lady shows up”, largely because we had movers coming in and we wanted everything that they weren’t supposed to take out of the house. That almost worked out, but we were still donating things right up to and just after the movers left with all of the stuff we were keeping (and some of the stuff that we didn’t intend to keep, and some of the stuff that we wanted to keep with us…).

Then it was a day of cleaning the house, and then starting our drive from Collingswood, NJ to Denver, CO.

The first night, we ended up in Front Royal, Virginia. We clearly could have gone further (although not too much further, as we got a late start and we were damn tired). Mostly, I wanted to make sure that we got to see some of Skyline Drive over the Shenandoah Valley in the daylight — and we did, and it were awesome. (There are pictures, I will give them their own post…)

The Skyline Drive bit took more of our time than I originally planned for, and the weather didn’t help either, so we only made it to Lexington, Kentucky the second night.

We got up early and planned for a good long day of hard driving, with a lunchtime stop to see @M in Saint Louis, Missouri. It was awesome seeing him, and we plan to head back out there next September when his scored movie plays with a live backing track.

After lunch, we kept pressing on, making it all the way to Hays, Kansas, and on the fourth day we made it into Denver around 2:30. After some hassles with the parking and getting all of the stuff we’d dragged with us across the country, we finally settled in around dinnertime.

I spent the rest of this week working and re-orienting our lives. Today we spent some time wandering around, visiting a good gaming shop and checking out some snowshoes in REI. We also are getting a better sense of the food shopping situation here in downtown Denver (it sucks), and I’m appreciating the view from our 24th-floor temporary apartment.