(Updated June 22, 2007)

homeI used to live here, exactly halfway between the world-famous Mission Beach in Southern California, and the equally-world-famous Mission Bay on the other side.

dog beachNow I live here:

The new place is about a mile south of my apartment on Mission Boulevard. Now I’m in Ocean Beach, 1/2 a block away from Dog Beach. I can still see Sea World fireworks every night, but they kind of loom behind some trees. They don’t bug Hobbes any more, either. Belly and Gonzo never seem to notice them.

This is an area conducive to creativity–it inspires me to music, photography, and writing. I mostly like taking pictures of peaceful sunsets, but occasionally I get out of dodge and get some other interesting shots.

Long term, I hope to be able to present my best work for sale as posters of signed, limited runs. For now, I’m going to work on my craft and seek feedback and licensing.

(6.22.07 Update: and now I’m concerned about the brand, as I no longer live on Mission Boulevard anymore, nor do I even live in Mission Beach. Does anyone really care? I’m thinking about this one to replace it.)

And mebbe I’ll say something controversial, fer crissakes.

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