inbox poet…

…back in March of 2009, Sunshine and I noticed that sometimes the spam we were getting seemed almost sublime.  After tossing about 10 of them into the comments, I went striding off and registered “” and built a whole separate blog where these could be captured (don’t bother, it’s down now).

Originally, the notion was that inboxpoet was supposed to be my foray into search engine optimization.  But it turned into another website, domain, and mouth to feed.  Nothing ever really happened on the idea of setting up Google Ads and then trying to learn how to start working in SEO principles and social media and web 2.0-ish community building.

Part of the problem was that as quickly as the pithy spam started showing up, the spammers all moved to embedded jpegs to deliver spam, and the random generated text went away.  And, of course, I was busy as hell, with lots of other content venues, and the will never materialized.  Good thing the erudite spam dried up when it did, because I didn’t really have the energy.

So, when the domain came up for registration a few weeks back, I decided to not renew it.

However, there was some decent content!  And in the last few days, spam comments here on have gotten more erudite, making me think back to inboxpoet. So, amidst testing, I resurrected the inboxpoet WordPress database and then started migrating posts.  They’re a new category, called (duh), Inbox Poet.