garnet peak on snowy mt laguna…

…storms blew into San Diego yesterday, and dumped hail in Mira Mesa and a bunch of snow on Mt. Laguna.  Sunshine and I had planned to hike sometime during the weekend, and the snow became an imperative.

Driving up Sunshine Highway, the temperature went from 69 degrees here in Spring Valley to 41 up on the south flank of the mountain.  We headed up to mile marker 27 (actually, about 27.8) to hit the trailhead for Garnet Peak.

We dragged along the Moron Twins, who had a great time (in spite of my concerns about how they’d handle the cold and the snow):

In spite of the serious wind and the chill in the air, the hike up was short and fairly simple, with only one serious scramble just before the peak:

Here’s a nice shot of snow on some desert plant (I’m too lazy to figure it out, mebbe one of my intrepid commenters will do the work for me):

And from the summit of Garnet Peak, a couple of nice panoramas, one of the desert east:

And one of Mt. Laguna draped in snow:

As a final treat, on the way back to the car, just as we were leaving, Gonzo decided to roll around in the snow and make some snow angels.  We can only presume this meant he’d had a good time, as he only does this when he wants to get some scent all over himself and carry it home.  It was quite the hoot (I didn’t bother uploading the full-size version of these shots, so no linky):

It really was an awesome hike, beautiful weather and great scenery.  Get out there!

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  1. Stunning vistas, yeah yeah yeah. THAT DOG MAKING SNOW ANGELS, though – that is totally worth the price of admission! How freakin’ adorable and awesome!

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