…one measly, tiny, faint, little meteor.

Stayed up *late* and *cold* last night (alright, this morning), trying to get some Leonids action, and this is all I got:

Yes, it is there, I promise you.  Look in the lower right corner, it is very faint, but it is there.  This is right around shot # FOUR FREAKING HUNDRED I took, and I didn’t even know this hit was in it.  Sigh.

Mebbe I’ll try again tonite, we’ll see.  It’s supposed to be cloudier tonite–last night was really optimal for viewing.

Update: OK, because of popular demand, I’m posting an enhanced version of the image so the hit is easier to see–happy now?

I told you it wasn’t much.  Here’s to hoping I have better luck tonite.

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