been a long time since I rock-n-rolled…

…with the move and the hamthrax and everything else, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. It’s not that shots haven’t been taken (altho there haven’t been very many), mostly it’s been that I’m still recovering from the move and tying to get the new office together (mebbe I’ll post pics when it is done)…

This was from last night, and one of my favorite shots of the year:

Here’s another nice shot, this one from last week, when Sunshine and I drove out to San Elijo to hang with her cousin’s family as they camped by the sea:

Speaking of the new house, I caught this off the balcony a couple weeks ago:

And, finally, this arty little duo from the Little Italy Farmer’s Market this morning:

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, folks, hopefully, things are starting to settle down and I can get a little more shooting and posting going.

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