sweetwater river redux (sorta) and some history…

…we drove out to Descanso again this morning, to see another house. We liked this one so much, we filled out the application, and hope to hear from them really soon–it would be so nice to have this problem solved!

One of the reasons we like this area is its proximity to lots of hiking, including being right around the corner from Sweetwater River. Knowing where we were going, we loaded our hiking gear in the truck with us, and braved the rain long enough to head back out to the falls:

OK, so it’s not the sharpest picture ever, whatever, get over yerselfs.

Of course, I had to go on a scramble (I have no idea what’s going on in my jacket):

Tonite’s gallery show was pretty understated–maybe 40 or so folks braved the rain and the craptastic parking situation to see our humble showing, but I got lots of great feedback on the prints that were up, and I handed out a goodish stack of obreal.com stickers, so hopefully I get a bit of traction out of it…or not, doesn’t really matter. It was just good to see my stuff up on the wall.

One of the pieces (Sedona) got a lot of attention from a few folks, and I’d mentioned that the original picture was posted here on the blog. Grinding through history, come to figure out that it isn’t, so, I’m rectifying that particular mistake:

All of these Sedona shots come from a trip I took with Sunshine back in January of 2006, long before I’d gotten my beloved Canon. Still, the shots are reasonably un-grainy, and they capture the colors fairly well.

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