Cowles Mountain South…

…is quite possibly the most hiked trail in all of San Diego County. We hiked it bright and early this morning as part of our tryout for the Wilderness Basics Course led by the Sierra Club of San Diego. We scrambled to the top in 34 minutes, putting us squarely in the main group for ability and endurance. Frankly, I’ll be happier moving a little slower and less steep during our training trips, but we won’t be taking any of those until next year anyway, so this doesn’t really matter–we did it this year just to see how we would do.

Here we are at the top, looking west–you can almost see our house!? (Well, not really, since it’s on the north side of the Point Loma peninsula):

In our effort to hike all of the trails in the Schad book, we’ve knocked down ten of them this month. On top of that, we’ve walked and/or hiked over 100 miles in the same time period (and I’ve lost almost 16 pounds), so I know we’re on the right path.

Onward and upward!

3 thoughts on “Cowles Mountain South…”

  1. Hey there,
    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for some info about “Three Sisters” waterfalls. I hiked it last weekend, and saw that you hiked it last month. I was just browsing some other posts and after reading this one, I saw you are in the WBC class too. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow WBC classmate. Keep taking (and posting) these great pics.


  2. Gabe: thanks for coming by, and thanks for the kind words! Jenn and I will be at class tonite, if you see us, c’mon by and introduce yourself! Cheers, -k

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