another doggy day…

…today truly sucked major ass, with layoffs and restructuring and all that noise, and by the time I got home, I really needed to run with my puppies on the beach, so off we went.

It was exactly what I needed.

AnnaBelle was on fire today–she’s always in a good mood the day after she gets to sleep in the big bed with us. (We usually don’t tolerate it because we end up bent like question marks, but she’s recently learned that she gets to stay on longer if she just curls up at the end of the bed. Gonzo, however…)? She was jumping around and running into the water, and totally egging Gonzo on, like this one, in which she’s got her best white-eyed “I’m gonna Fuck. You. Up.” look:

And this is typically Gonzo’s response:

And this is usually how it ends, with Belly running away:

And while there was no drama, I was still able to grab this nice little set:

So, not exactly the greatest evening of sunsets, but I got to watch my goggies bug out for a while, and that’s always happy-making.