What’s next?

Why, this little beauty, that’s what.

I’ve been staring at this for quite a while, and the recent turn of events has proven to me that I really need to start thinking about what is next. This seems like a good place to start.

One thought on “What’s next?”

  1. 1.You’ve gotten all skinny.

    2. Did you buy an iThing? Do you lurve it? I use the HOLY LIVING SHIT outta mine.

    Skinny–well, not quite, but almost. Definitely at a weight I haven’t seen in well over a decade, but I got my sights on 220-225, which is still 20+ pounds away. And I bought an iPhone, and will be setting myself up as a developer, and will soon start churning out apps, as that is what appears to me to be next. I love the whole Apple approach right now, what with their only taking 30% and delivering an audience of eyeballs, distribution and fulfillment (including transactions)–I would spend 30% alone on distribution and fulfillment, so it’s totally worth it, and obviously, the iPhone isn’t going away. That whole form factor looks ripe for exploitation by a two- or three-developer shop. It puts me in the mind of when I got started in software, when one or two guys could really do the whole thing front to back. So, I’m excited and all that. I lurve it indeed, but I know I’ve only just begun to start using it (the whole layoff thing has been quite the distraction).

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