the view from the riz…

…rocks (remember, images are clickable for fullsize love):

Yes, that is an infinity edge pool you see with the cover across it–there was no way any pool action was happening: it averaged 40 degrees while were out there, and it rained half the time (note the nice reflective puddle on the pool cover)…however, we did get some mighty nice use of the hot-tub.

Anyway, this is The Riz, where Sunshine and I spent our Saturnalia (with the dogs!):

One good thing about the rain is that it really scrubbed out the winter air:

And, as I’m sure y’all are expecting, the sunsets were spectacular:

Note that very defined horizontal line the sun is diving behind: that’s an ocean view, folks. From the front deck of The Riz.

I’m very glad I brought my 300mm lens out for some fun:

It wasn’t until things started to light up from the inside that I realized what I was staring at: the southernmost edge of Coronado Island (including a small portion of the elbow of the Coronado Bay Bridge). Almost 35 miles away!

Of course, there were awesome bits in every part of the horizon:

And, of course, the obligatory California Sunset shot:

The wide open view of the mountain that The Riz is situated on, and the valley view that unfolds below it, put me much in the mind of Koyaanisqatsi-eqsue sequences of cloud shadows flowing over the grassy hills. Unfortunately, there were either no clouds at all, or it was pissing down rain. Maybe next time.

I did manage to get this sequence (it’s a Flash file, ~4.7 mb), 140+ frames over 30 minutes, mixed down to six frames a second for 14 seconds. It was cold as hell, and I did my best to take a shot every ten seconds or so, but considering my overall average ends up being more than 23 seconds, I guess you can see how that went. But the sequence is still cool as hell, and now I really really really wanna do a cloud shadow crawling sequence now, mebbe even something cool and tilt-shifty. Argh.

All in all, it was five more awesome days out and about with Sunshine and the puppies. The isolation was welcome, and frankly, we didn’t get enough of it. Dining al fresco, walking the puppies without leashes, feeding the horses, killer bunnies and other games, and a bunch of cool stuff for Saturnalia (Pedro and Shirl don’t know it yet, but they bought my flash dryer!) results in another great trip. Big love, Sunshine!

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  1. Big love baby! It was a great trip. Awesome movies, books, games, great atmosphere and amazing food. The dogs loved those horses and I loved that spa! You forgot the picture of the loot, now that was impressive. Can’t wait to do it again next year. Muah!

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