denver was a frigid bitch, but the beer was good…

Barker Reservoir, Nederland, CO–in this shot, the temperature is -13C, with a howling wind coming right over the top of the mountain behind me and whipping across the frozen surface of the reservoir:

I went out to see my buddy Zoot, who was stag for the weekend (as his wife had gone off to visit family). It turned out to be a perfect weekend of sloth and beer drinking. Admittedly, I wouldn’t let him run us down the same old rut of Rock Bottom Brewery and Old Chicago (BJ’s on the west coast) crap faux Italianesque.

Here’s Zoot standing around in Boulder:

After wandering around Boulder, and then wandering mountainward towards Nederland, we ended up in a little diner in Wintervu. There, we ate awesome chili and played several games of Fluxx. Driving back down into town, we ended up eating Cajun and then heading back to his pad for gaming and drinking.

Sunday, we were up again, and this time, I demanded an art museum (demanding bitch, ain’t I?). Zoot asserted he knew right where it was–“Next to the Natural History Museum”–which I have no interest in, I want art, not bones and rocks.

Finally, we found the Denver Art Museum. Unfortunately, we got there at 10 am, and the museum didn’t open until noon, so we wandered off to Tattered Cover bookstore, hung around for an hour or so, and then headed back out.

Got this shot of Zoot trying to look up the skirt of the Invisible 50-Foot Woman:

The rest is shots of art: Denver Art Museum is one of the few museums that allow photography (and even flash) for the works that belong to the museum. Challenging lighting and lack of bounce flash notwithstanding, I got a couple nice ones:

I love this calligraphic affect of Japanese illustration:

Bat Country Bento Box from several hundred years ago:

And, finally, the irony of ironies: the ivory pillow (x2):

And one more little burst of links, because Zoot reminded me of one, and G reminded me of the other.

Thanks for the hospitality, Zoot–the weekend was restful and fun, exactly what I needed.

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  1. I don’t often EAT at Old Chicago and/or Rock Bottom! It’s the beer man! The beer!

    Great having you around brother…

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