days come and go…

…sometimes, they just seem to burn.

There were some interesting clouds tonite:

And, finally, a small story: about a week ago, sunshine and I were out walking in the rain (altho it had stopped before we got out the door), and we found the tide very low. And we spied this poor asshole, moored on the very prominent sand of Dog Beach:

Of course, as soon as we saw this, I had to walk over to get a better look and prod whoever had done it. There were a couple of lifeguard trucks pointing their headlights at it, so I wandered over there. As I got closer, I noticed there were a couple of guys standing next to the truck. I got up next to to the closest of the pair, and looking at the boat, said “Is it just a matter of waiting for the tide to come in?”

He turned and looked blearily at me and said “The coast guard has been called, but they haven’t responded.”

I nodded sagely, and I guess I was smirking, because he gave me another look and said “This isn’t funny!”

I slowly walked away, and went back home to get my camera and tripod. It was a challenge getting the damn thing, because it was being rocked by the waves and the exposure needed to be long in this low, nighttime light (lookit the left-most flag). The above photo is the only one of the group that’s even vaguely in focus.

I fear Daylight Savings Time. I haven’t gotten nearly enough shooting in this year. Hmm. Been doin’ lots of printing, tho.

3 thoughts on “days come and go…”

  1. Things are interesting. We are both struggling at work, altho for entirely different reasons (hers is heinous, mine is startup and heinous at times), and it seems like everything else is being eclipsed by that right now. We’re still talking about a move, but a much more modest one (considering the economy), probably Ramona. Beyond that, I keep growing my chops screenprinting, and she keeps gettin’ better at the trapeze, and we travel as much as we can, and that’s it.

    How ’bout you?

  2. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you…I can’t find your email address anywhere or I’d write you directly…I’m 3 weeks into a new gig and it’s got it’s issues but it’s steady for now…The wife and I are doing well…Where’s Ramona?

    If there’s any chance you could get out here the weekend before xmas let me know…Amy is going out of town to visit her sister in Seattle and there’s drinking to be done! If not, just drop me an email anyway or give me a call so we can figure out when we can get together next…We’ve got the crib in Costa Rico just sitting there…waiting to be occupied…

    Later bro…

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