that big green monster is the TITS, baby

[All pictures taken July 4, 2008, Ocean Beach, California. Click image for full size.]

This would be the Big Green Monster of which I slaver:

big green monster

The evening started out calm enough:

evening sky

(And yes I was too lazy to map out the dust spots on the lens–I actually got my lens sprayed, and after drying it off, had some significant flaring–I’ve culled most of the worst offenders, but some are just too cool to set aside–like the Big Green Monster up there, he’s got more flare than I’d like, but it’s just such an awesome shot, man…)

And, pretty much in chronological order, are the fireworks worth posting:

fwx 02

fwx 03

fwx 04

fwx 05

fwx 06

fwx 07

fwx 08


fwx 09

The same set of fireworks, just a few seconds later. Note the drapes of the jellyfish are still falling in a uniform grouping, and the cool little offshoot in the upper right portion:

fwx 10

fwx 11

I love that you can see a guy wading out in the water in this one, even though there’s a little glare blooming on the lens–also cool here is the way the top shell’s trailers all go off in new directions towards the end of their burns, giving the firework a kind of dendritic vibe:

fwx man

Yes, this is similar to a shot above, but it’s cleaner, less glare, and has some details the one above doesn’t. Both are compelling in their own way, so both got posted–it’s my site, deal:

fwx 12

This is detail of some small fireworks: I drew in close on these because they evoke jellyfish for me:

fwx 13

fwx 14

fwx 15

The cool thing here is that this is the final shell of the finale, a high-flying, long-burning flutter of drapes. I left the shutter open for as long as the embers burned, and got an amazing amount of detail:

fwx 16

It was an awesome Fourth of July, even though I worked a bunch, there was:

  • good crab omelette, toast and tea this morning
  • nice run with the dogs on dog beach
  • lots of killer bunnies gaming (we’ve also recently enjoyed Zombie Fluxx and the venerated Mille Bornes, and have run out of sealed Magic decks–plenty of booster drafts, tho!)
  • excellent, window-rattling 4/1 bonk
  • lucious filet mignon grilled with shitake shrooms, broccoli and baked potato/butter/sour cream mmm
  • fireworks on ocean beach

You wish you lived here, too.

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  1. Wow, those are great shots. Are those stars in the shot with the purple one? And no, I don’t wish I lived there. IT’S CALIFORNIA. 😉


  2. Wow, amazing shots. Thanks, because there aren’t any fireworks to speak of here in Fairbanks, Alaska because it’s daylight out all goddamn night.

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