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…over Ocean Beach.

[All photos taken May 17, 2008, Ocean Beach, California]


My best guess on this is it’s some kind of fogbow. I am looking west, into a serious fogbank, and the sun is rising directly behind me. There is a slight rainbow at the outer edge, which can only be seen by adjusting the color (and ruining the picture). Any idea what this is *supposed* to be called? The folks at APOD set me straight–it’s a fogbow.

Anyway, the back story: we got up early on Caturday to take the dogs for a run on the beach (Gonzo was fully into it, but AnnaBelle definitely gave us a look a the edge of the sand, as if to say “You know, I didn’t want a workout, I just wanted breakfast.”). Still, she had fun, and it meant she got a tub afterwards (and the little girl LOVES getting a bath, especially the toweling-off part).

All manner of lunacy was clearly in plan for Ocean Beach this morning: the sand was covered with professionally-stood volleyball courts, the parking lots bristling with satellite lifts and other antennae. All week, the weather has been threatening into the 100+ range for the weekend, so Sunshine and I expected a brutally hot, crowded day in OB.

Then the fog rolled in. At first, when we got to the beach, the sun was shining brightly and the day felt like it was warm and going to keep going up. But it took all of ten minutes to change–the wind blew in, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees in 30 seconds, and suddenly we were pushed back three months in weather.

We got the dogs home and I turned around and ran back with my camera, and snapped the shot above. I also stood out on Dog Beach Quay and took pictures north and south–the thumbnails link to pictures that show what that view normally looks like…

north ob south ob

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  1. Saw your picture on APOD. Saw the credit given to your blog. I have been lost here now for a while. Love the photos. I’ll be back.

  2. CONGRATS on the APOD photo! I check that site daily and it was fun seeing a “neighbor” (I’m in north county) published there. That’s a great shot!

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