happy hobbes day!

In our ongoing bid to make our own traditions, instead of the strange and terrible ones foist upon us by the various institutions, sunshine and I have decreed February 14 to forevermore be Hobbes’ Day, in honor of my awesome Australian Shepherd, Hobbes, who had to be put down last year on the same date.

We prefer to remember Hobbes going super fast:

hobbes 1

He didn’t get used to the car until way late in life, but he loved to feel the wind flap his cheeks. He even learned to lean into turns.

hobbes 2

And, to honor his memory, today I took this, just south of Children’s Pool:

lj sunset hobbes day 2008

Happy Hobbes Day! There ain’t nothing like Dog Love. Go rub your dog and take some pictures, because you don’t have enough! Go! Good Boy! GO!

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