makeup post

So, paralyzed by post-traumatic stress of Disaster News Coverage, I’ve been slowly accruing many good and important pictures.

First, my last exploitation of the fires, and possibly one of the trippiest pictures I’ve ever taken. This is really what it looked like:

Taken: October 22, 2007, Ocean Beach, California

trippy fire sunset

I mentioned in a previous post about my jam with my old bandmates from Rule of 3rds. I really miss playing with those guys–we really were most monstrous.

I did this to my amp during a particularly loud-as-fuck version of Sometimes. Go figure.


And this is what’s left of that top cone:

ouch 2

Ouch, indeed.

Back, before the fires, there were a couple of nice sunsets that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.

Taken: October 17, 2007, Ocean Beach Pier, California




And way back on the 13th, jenferner and I took a long walk, and I took some shots.

Laundry Day (taken October 17, 2007, under Sunset Cliffs Blvd at I-8, California):

laundry day

This little graffito was surprisingly tough to shoot right:

cut my heart

And I call this one Vanishing Sunshine:

bye bye sunshine