flow in san diego

So, I was out trying to shoot a non-existent sunset (it was almost a total closeout), but walking back in, I saw a largish group of folks, milling about and swinging bolo-like and stick-like things. After watching for a few minutes, I wandered up and asked them “Are you by any chance planning on lighting those on fire?”

“Sure are!” said the guy I’d walked up to. I asked him if I could shoot them–he said it was fine as long as I wasn’t taking pictures for sale. I assured him it was blogosphere only; these are the best of the lot (I’ve posted everything I shot up on my flickr page):

All photos taken August 2, 2007, Dog Beach, California (all pictures clickable for full-size):
flow 01

flow 02

flow 03

flow 04

flow 05

flow 06

flow 07

flow 08

flow 09

flow 10

flow 11

flow 12

flow 13

flow 14

flow 15

flow 16

flow 17

flow 18

flow 19

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