black hills, south dakota: wildlife

All pictures taken July 12-14, 2007, Black Hills, South Dakota

Among all the rest of it, I was lucky to be able to get some great wildlife shots, too. Here’s a groundhog digging out a new tunnel (you’re just going to have to trust me that the little grey blur in the middle is a groundhog):


And this demonic little bugger hovered nearby, baring his fangs and obviously contemplating making off with one of the children:

devil bunny

During our drive up to Deadwood, as we crawled along 16A, we encountered this little herd:

buffalo 1

buffalo 2

buffalo 3

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself:

fukn up yer trafick...

And this surly bastard stared us down as we left the forest:


Also on our way to Deadwood, we saw these guys clinging to a cliff:

mountain goat

I got this one to gimme the eye:

mountain goat

And, in case you missed it, we did run into one other little bit of wildlife.

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  1. That bunny makes me think of Watership Down when Fiver is seeing all the blood.

    The buffalo were amazing, that’s something you don’t see in OB, huh?

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