wyoming skies…

All pictures taken July 11-16, 2007, near Torrington, Wyoming (all images link to full-size)
Just got back from a short vacation to the Black Hills, South Dakota, to take Gramma to the family reunion. We flew from Diego to Denver, where we picked up a rental car and proceeded to drive up to South Dakota.

After an all-too-brief meal with Zootie, we headed out. I’d fully intended to stop in Cheyenne, but we were through it before I realized where we were. Directions from the peanut gallery were a little confusing as well, so I just stuck to my instincts and stopped to take frequent pictures.

This is my favorite photo of the entire trip, taken somewhere on I85 on the route north to Torrington, WY:


There was plenty of big sky on this trip–sunset didn’t seem to come until 9pm, and then lingered for many minutes after sundown (here in Ocean Beach, sunset hits at 8pm and shuts down almost immediately afterwards). I got a couple of nice pix of these big skies:

big sky


Also along the way on I-85 was this cool little mountain formation. I dug around for a while on Google Earth and various map engines, but I couldn’t find any name for the thing, so I’m calling it Shepherd Rock:

shepherd rock


Finally, coming out of Torrington, I-85 pointed westward for a while before continuing north. While we were driving the westward stretch, we were getting sunset right down the barrel–check it out:






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  1. Oh sure…You come out here through Denver and you take all those pictures of the sky and stuff but do you snap one little old picture of me?!? One of your best friends!?! No…of course you don’t!!! You…you…bitch you!!!


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