2012 begins…

(Well, I’m a day late in writing this post, but through the magic of Teh Intarwebs, I shall be able to back-date the post and pretend I hit the ground running…)

It’s less about the New Year, and more about just getting beyond the damn holidays and the spasms of consumption. Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to set myself some goals for the year:

  • Lose some weight — it wasn’t so long ago that I was running a triathlon and hiking and generally dropping weight. All that shit has gone by the wayside, and I’ve put all that I lost back on, and then some. I’m starting again, this time from 290 pounds (holy jebus, lookit this fat fuck). Last time, I did a lot of tracking and talking about it on a separate site that I never showed y’all, because I was going through some other shit that I didn’t make general knowledge. This time, I’m using this site to provide myself a little accountability.

Goal: drop 70 pounds, by limiting caloric intake, correcting my diet (basically, knocking off the bad crap that I know is bad, and trying to limit the processed and other craptastic stuff), and getting up off my ass and working out again. I know what this takes, I just have to see it through. The more serious long-term problem is figuring out how to make the changes stick so I don’t end up back here again…

  • Take some pictures — I bought this smokin’ new camera back in March of last year, and I haven’t really done much shooting with it (other than down at Trapeze High Florida, where I’ve shot a ton of pictures and time-lapse experiments). I have gotten a couple of good results with the telescope, but in general, shooting my normal milieu of landscapes and sunsets has basically gone to nil because, well, now we live on the East Coast in a flat-flat-FLAT (“She’s flat like your head!” 1:07) part of the world, and I just don’t have the opportunities. Still, the time for that bitching is over: I’m going to go back to carrying my camera all the time, and committing to shooting — ANYTHING.

Goal: take (at least) one picture, every day. Get out of my comfort zone: Sunshine got me this bitchin’ new 50mm prime lens, which is super-fast (1.4/f) and super-clear, and I should be learning to shoot with it, by forcing me to use no zoom.

Note that I’m not committing to posting every day — that’s simply too much administrative burden — but once I get the site re-designed, I should be able to start queueing pictures, so they post on their own and updates are less about my consistency administratively, and more about me generating good content, which will comes in fits and bursts.

Sub-Goal: re-design this site so that I am proud to send people to it. This includes setting up a sub-section for trapeze photography, so that THFL can refer potential clients to me without having to get in the way of the business. (Note the implicit sub-sub-goal to this sub-goal: getting photography clients.)

  • Get more art into my life — I have a ton of great art, both my own and from other artists, that sits around in tubes and flat files. I also have an alarming collection of empty frames. Clearly, there is a problem here: laziness. There really isn’t any excuse — the art should come out of tubes and flat files and get into frames and up on the walls. Our walls should be CROWDED with stuff — it really is ridiculous that there isn’t more stuff up.

Goal: get art out of flat files, into frames, and up on the walls.

Sub-Goal: get my own art out onto the walls of other people — friends, family, and potential clients (notice a trend here?) Sunshine’s parents have turned their home into my personal art gallery, and its always very gratifying to see how they’ve used my photography. There should be more like them, but it can’t happen if I insist on hiding my light under a bushel.

  • Build a poker bankroll — this may seem odd, but poker is both a source of joy, and potentially a source of income. The only way it can become both is for me to build and leverage a good-sized bankroll. This, obviously, needs to be tempered by other constraints, both legal and personal, but definitely needs to be on the agenda.

Goal: set a savings goal and set aside a little cash whenever I can. Take some fliers in tournaments and cash tables, and save the winnings (if and when). Accountability is the key here! Gotta find a way to hold myself accountable…

Sub-Goal: get better at both the live game and the online play. These days, obviously, I’ll have to focus on live play, as online is very restricted, but I can still keep my chops warm by playing the free tables, and other resources. This past summer’s experience with the Bar Leagues was very powerful, and a lot of fun. Now I need to learn how to adjust my game and be more consistent.

Part of the reason I’m late even declaring these goals is that I was too busy acting on them today:

  • I hung a bunch of art that was already framed — this is just a little bit of what got hung today:

  • I played JPA today, and made the final table, busting out in 9th for 30 points — I’m not happy with how I went out, but I’m happy I scored some points (the last few weeks have been a struggle with constantly going out bubble — in 18 tournaments, I bubbled no fewer than 7 times — that’s far too consistent to be anything other than a series of bad decisions). This series, I’m playing a lot less, so I need to make better use of the opportunities and score more points each time I play. I’m also playing the Omaha league, and doing quite well in that with second place points. I will likely move all of the poker discussions over to a tumblr blog, as this one is really supposed to be about art and my life. Yes, poker’s a big part of that, but I want to write for a different audience there — don’t worry, I won’t hide it…
  • I ate well today, and tracked everything I ate in Lose It! There’s a bunch of new features that weren’t available three years ago when I last tried this adventure, so I’ll dig into that and figure out how much of this I can share — again, it’s all about the accountability for me for this year. My biggest concern about the weight-loss thing is that I tend to become obsessed about what I’m going to be eating and it becomes all I think about. I need to be more balanced about integrating the changes into my life and not putting such a primary focus on the day-to-day actions.
  • The pictures in this post count! I had to shoot them all with the 18-135mm, though, because the 50mm wasn’t working for the angles. Obviously, I’m going to have to force myself to work with it more to figure those situations out, but for now, just happy that I shot a couple of pictures.

One thought on “2012 begins…”

  1. Hi Keith! Congrats on making awesome goals! I’m sure you will accomplish them. You seem to be such a strong, steady person with a good head on you shoulders and I am sure you accomplish whatever you really set your mind on! Yeah, I can relate on the camera and the weight issue! It’s really difficult! I have 2 really nice cameras and don’t really know how to use them! I normally leave them on the green (automatic) setting and just do what I can! I know I am not doing any justice to the cameras or the pictures by doing that! I have checked into the classes on the DSLR @ continuing education @ the High Schools but the last couple times they have been on Thursday nights and I work Third Street Diner on those nights! I keep checking and hoping that it will be offered on a different night one of these times!

    Anyway, on the weight loss goal- you are right- you have to get to where you just make good decisions on your own without thinking them through and then it’s still hard! I have lost 96 pounds in the last two years and it seems like I will never reach my goal! So many people I know who have lost 100 pounds have done it in one year and I fell short of getting there in two years! It is really hard! It is getting easier though the longer I do this but I struggle when it comes to celebratory events! I also struggle because I have a serious sugar addiction! LOL!! I did Weight Watchers for 6 months of my journey and it was so helpful. I don’t go to the meetings any more for now, but I utilize a lot of what they taught me every day of my life! It was a very awesome experience. I have around 20-30 more pounds to go- I will know when I get there that I met my goal and then will work on maintaining! I take little breaks in between the weight loss and then start again. I think it helps. When I am on a break – I work on maintaining my thus far progress! I didn’t do so well during the Christmas/ New Year time- I put 3 pounds back on! At least I recognize it and I am ready to get back on track! Except for when we go out to Wicked and the Superbowl- I am ready to eat healthy!! I have learned that water, beans, watermelon, cuties, apple slices, salads, chicken, and eggs are my best friends!! I have learned that rolls and cakes and cookies are my biggest enemies!!

    Good luck to you! I am sure that if you decide you want to do it- you can! You look great the way you are but keep in mind the health benefits of getting to a healthy weight. I remember cheering when I went from being morbidly obese to being obese! Then I celebrated going from obese to being overweight! Hopefully one day I will celebrate reaching goal! Even if it is taking me 3 or 4 times longer than most people!! I wish you luck and know that you will be celebrating also!!

    Well, I am going to go! We are looking forward to seeing you and Jenn for Wicked! I think you guys are adorable!! I am looking forward to meeting her! I love the fact that when I look at pictures of you guys you look sincerely happy! That is a wonderful way to live life!!!

    Anyway, Happy New Year! Good luck on all your 2012 ventures and I will see you and Jenn on the 12th!!! 🙂

    Have a super- terrific day!

    Talk to ya later!

    [KCL: Hi, Terrie, thanks for coming by! You seem to have me figured out — the issue for me isn’t really the changes, it’s getting the changes to stick. Like you, I struggle the most with sugars and sweets — it’s so hard to control how much I eat, especially around this time of year when there’s so much sugary goodness laying around. But I’m seriously unhappy with where I am today, so I am determined to make a change — now comes all the hard work!

    Photography is another challenge for me, because I’ve gotten so far away from it over the last few years — really, ever since we moved away from Ocean Beach, I haven’t really had many inspiring opportunities, and getting out of the habit of keeping my camera with me meant that I missed many along the way. Now being here in Florida, it’s a new set of challenges. I’m hoping the new lens and an “assignment” (shooting at least one picture every day) will help put me back in the mode of shooting more frequently and consistently. Long term, I’d like to be doing photography or some other artistic endeavor as my main source of income, but I feel like I have a lot to learn before I can make that jump: the only way I’ll learn is by shooting, so, off I go!

    And thanks for the compliments about the pictures of Jenn and I — we haven’t taken one in a while, and I aim to change that here in the near future. She’s been through a tremendous amount of change herself this last year (check out her blog at http://www.jenferner.com). We’re looking forward to Wicked, too, just for the night out — we’ve seen it back in L.A., but it’s a great show and I’m sure the whole evening is gonna be a blast!

    Anyway: thanks again for dropping by, reading and commenting — it’s always great to get feedback on the work in progress. Cheers, -k]

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