2015 supermoon eclipse

But first, a little chee-chee:

The weather tortured me. It always tortures me. All week, it was bright and clear, not a single cloud in the sky. Further, weather reports showed the trend continuing into next week.

But the day of the eclipse, as we toured up and down 72 looking at the leaves, I couldn’t help but notice the ever-gathering clouds.

It turned into a battle. Sunshine got me to move my rig, and that really paid off, because I got a ton of shots prior to totality that I would have missed had I stayed where I’d originally set up.

But still, the weather had its way with me:

As it got closer to totality, I had to shift from shooting it like daylight, to longer exposures to pull out the red:

Things really started popping when it got to totality:

And, of course, once it got to totality, the clouds came in. So I moved back to my original position and sat it out. It didn’t emerge again until totality was over:

You can see the struggle I had with clouds. I really need to practice with this setup more, get way better at the focus…