ASGS road trip…

Headed to Milwaukee, WI for Sunshine’s ASGS Symposium, we decided to road trip it and pick up a couple new states for our “states visited” maps. I added Michigan and Wisconsin, Sunshine added those, as well as Iowa and Nebraska.

First night was at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska:

Second stop was in Fairfield, IA — a trip in the Wayback Machine for me, and a decidedly un-photogenic locale. There’s a picture somewhere around here, but I can’t be buggered…maybe later…

We arrived in Milwaukee on the third day, and almost immediately put to lie all the bad things people had told us about the area. The weather was beautiful, the people were all nice and we had several meals of great food and beer. The downtown area was certainly vibrant, and there was plenty to do.

That first night, we ended up at the Old German Beer Haus, where we had brats and beers and I almost immediately got way more drunk than I’d ever intended.

However, Sunshine really had to focus on the ASGS Symposium, so to stay out of her hair, I decided I was going to press north for a little camping. Originally, I’d intended on making it all the way to Ontario, but as I drove towards Lake Superior, it was clear that the weather had different plans for me. At one point, as I approached the stateside campsite, I had to pull over a couple times to let a torrential downpour pass…by the time I got to my campsite (after much to-ing and fro-ing looking for an open site), I could only get a few decent pictures off.

There’s a lake there, I promise…

After a night of solid rain, I decided to bail on the rest of the planned self-camp, as for 300 miles in all directions it looked to be a fucking downpour. So when I woke the next morning, I broke down camp in the rain, packed the car, and took a somewhat circuitous route back to Milwaukee, stopping to get a couple more pictures along the way.


The weather kept the crowds away — Midas Falls was very nice.

Once back in Milwaukee, it was mostly little touristy things as I worked my Sunshine time around her various commitments. We especially dug the Milwaukee Art Museum.

One of the last places we ate was Benelux Cafe, a brewpub combining the flavors of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Great beers, awesome green chili mussels, and strangely colored drinks were the order of the day.

All in all, it was a surprisingly awesome trip — great people, great food, great area. We would definitely go back to Milwaukee just to relax.

Now if I can just figure out how to dodge all these goddam midwestern bugs whilst camping…