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roxborough state park…

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

For our Hobbes’ Day celebration, we drove down south of Littleton and Columbine to Roxborough State Park — known for lots of easy rolling trails and lots of red rock formations:

It was a nice, 2.2-mile hike with a couple of side-trip lookouts. But it was crowded! First time in my life I ever had to wait to get into a State Park. Seems like we didn’t have a very original idea…

There was a lot of grey clouds overhead, which made some of the shots a little tough to get decent contrast, but it helps me punch up some of the deeper reds. Still, I was able to find some really nice framing on the drama:

As we wound our way back on the eastern side of the ridge, we spotted a small doe bedded down in the middle of the field. I didn’t get a great picture of her, but it made me much more aware of what we were seeing — it wasn’t long until I started spotting tracks:

That’s a pretty big track, there — I took a shot with it alongside my boot for scale:

And then, after we got home, we got one more nice punch-up from the mountains — we’ve seen this particular cloud formation enough times to figure it has to be a function of how moisture comes right off the ridge…

Happy Valentine’s Hobbes’ Day, Sunshine!

(And a phone cleanup picture — this is the Big Blue Bear, peering into the Colorado Convention Center, with a fresh coat of snow.)