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accountability refresh(ingly, surprisingly positive!)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I came into this post thinking that I wasn’t really getting very far on my goals, but as I’ve gone through the list below, I find that I’m actually doing really well, and it’s turned my head around a little bit. Lots of reading, lots of hunting, some gardening and woodworking, and quite a few other goals got a little more moved down the board.

  • Reading (7 of 24 so this year):
    • The Driver’s Guide to Hitting Pedestrians, Andersen Prunty
    • A Dance With Dragons, George RR Martin
    • Meat Eater, Steven Rinella
    • Homeland, Cory Doctorow
    • Charcuterie, Michael Ruhlman
  • Photography and this blog:
    • Still not getting any photography in. I got all geared up a couple weeks ago to catch the Lunar Eclipse, but got shut out by weather. The next meteor event isn’t until August, so the possibilities will largely be driven by what little street photography I can talk myself into (now that the weather is improving) and possibly trying to make some arrangements to hit some sunsets.
  • Health:
    • So I have bailed on Fatbetting, finding that it just wasn’t really helping me. I am going with a carb-restricted approach (starting literally today) to manage insulin levels with a built-in carb-load in 9 days (and basically weekly after that). I have spent the last couple of days starting to restrict carbs, and the carb flu has really sucked…we’ll see how it goes.
    • Get to the doctor: finally had my first appointment, and it was a good experience. Now I’m just trying to get myself in to get the first battery of tests done. In the meantime, he’s switched me off of the Allegra D for my allergies to Quercetin Bromelain Complex. I have to say, I was dubious, but it is definitely working, and I think I’m sleeping better by not taking daily -ephedrines. These last few weeks have been BRUTAL for allergies, and I haven’t really suffered all that much. When the bottle I have runs out, I’m going to take a week off and see if I degrade, and if so, then I’ll start the QBC up again and really see whether or not it is solving the problem.
    • Get to the dentist: feh continued. Really should put some time and effort into this.
  • Entrepreneurialism:
    • No traction on programming…
    • No traction on app ideas…
    • No further action on home machine…
  • Travel
    • We’ve been to San Diego and back. It was a great trip (especially hanging out in Garth’s cabin in Julian) but it was, well, San Diego. I really want to see something new, soon. Sunshine’s almost done with her school year, and there’s a couple of possible trips on the docket; we’ll just have to see how planning and timing goes.
  • Camping, hiking, backpacking, stargazing: we’re coming into the season, I see this happening soon.
  • Gardening: lots of traction here! We have eight new pots and nice little shelf set up for them to sit outside, facing the south side sun. We have sage, parsley, basil, thyme, dill, oregano, rosemary and something called “pineapple sage”. Most of them are thriving, but I think I’ve killed the pineapple sage, and the basil seems to be struggling…
  • Hunting:
    • Shooting:
      • When we were in San Diego, Sunshine took me out to a shooting range — I had a great time, shooting both an AR15 and a .22 plinker. My shot groupings were good (the instructor was actually a little butthurt that I was grouping shots better than she was…), and I really liked the feel of both guns. Definitely more of that is coming…
      • A few weeks back, Sunshine and I drove up to Easton, PA, to take an archery class: we both had a really good time. We liked the vibe of the shop a lot — the only hassle is that it’s really far (1.5 hours, one way…). Last weekend, we drove the half-hour south to South Jersey Shooting Club, to check out the archery range there and the associated shop. We’re going to take the recurve bow course there to get a feel for that shop.
    • Hunting: making progress on the weaponry — good ’nuff.
    • Butchery:
      • So, the CowShare happened: I have two new freezers in the basement, one full of beef. We’ve been eating really well, and our grocery bills have PLUNGED. Even though I feel like the CowShare itself was overly expensive and that I didn’t really get all the cuts that they listed, it was still worthwhile and definitely has inspired me to seek out more local providers that I might buy directly from. Also, really want to get my hands on a heritage pig.
      • Also, the Charcuterie book listed above is all part of my plan to get into smoking, curing and offal.
  • Meditation: I’ve fallen completely off this, thinking I’m going to try a May Sit Challenge, trying the meditation in the mornings instead of before bed.
  • Screen printing: interestingly enough, I’ve signed up for the woodworking membership at the local makerspace (The Factory, go figure). As it goes, the guy that runs the place has been collecting all manner of gear, including a 6-color garment printer. I figure in a few months I may have been able to help them get a whole workflow together, and I might possibly have my hands in ink soon! I might also set this up so that I can teach some classes, to give a little value back into the makerspace and do what I can to contribute. But to that, we’re really going to have to work on the setup and workflow, and it might take some investment. Another point on this landscape: Nazdar is just across the river in Pennsauken, and I’m thinking I might be able to get them to contribute some materials if I commit to doing some classes targeted at at-risk youth or some such angle. The wheels, they are a-spinnin’.
  • Poker: totally fell off this for the online game lately, trying to put attention to some of the other goals. Although I have been out with a couple of live sessions and home games — the home games have been profitable, but the live sessions, not so much…
  • Limit social media time: the last 5-6 weeks have been strange, as the work situation has gone orthogonal and weird, and SUPER stressful, so I think I’ve done more social media than I really would like, but I’ve also been getting my reading in and have moved to doing a lot more cooking in the last few weeks to help alleviate some of Sunshine’s stress. As for work, the VP of the group I worked for got promoted, which precipitated a reorganization, and suddenly, I no longer had the job that I had come to love, and my new boss is, to say the least, a challenge. But we’re working on the products that are the future of the company, and I think I’m settling into a rhythm that will help reduce the stress…definitely will have to check in on this over time.
  • NO ZERO DAYS: I don’t know if I can totally claim every day I’ve hit some part of some goal. Getting a lot of reading done, and a serious amount of advancement has been made on a lot of fronts that I had as yet made no progress. Of course, that’s counteracted by the things that aren’t getting traction (especially the entrepreneurialism), but in spite of all of that, I came into this post thinking that I was stagnating, and now that I can see all of the real progress that has been made, I’m feeling a lot better…

I’m also adding a couple new goals, one for Sunshine’s Dad, and one that I simply had forgotten to track:

  • Chess: play more and become a more credible opponent for Pedro. Might should also find a turn-based app that we can both use to play games while we’re still on opposite sides of the country…I haven’t really done much towards this, but “You Don’t Get What You Don’t Measure For”, so I’m putting it on the list.
  • Woodworking: several projects in mind…this is part of the motivation of joining The Factory.
    • Butcher block table top for the kitchen cupboard, with casters and a butcher paper roll & cutter. This to to serve as an island in our tiny kitchen, and to be a workspace for future meat-oriented projects like sausage making and other stuff.
    • Butcher-block-style cutting board: when I start making traction on this, pictures will be posted…
    • A picnic table for our back yard
    • A gaming/poker table for inside

And, oh yeah, one more thing:

  • Ultimate Frisbee: I’ve joined a learner’s league, hopefully to inject a little more fun and activity into my life. I love throwing a disc, but I don’t love running quite so much. We’ll see if I’m suited to this or disc golf more. The league starts at the end of May…