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cherry springs state park — perseids 2013

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

I’m putting these up in a hurry because I promised someone they would be available. I have much more to add to this post, but I wanted these up ASAP.

Remember — all pictures can be clicked to embiggen!

No focus problems on this moon:

Focus needs work — I forget what cluster this was…

Ring Nebula — 45 second exposure (note the star trails, but dig that color!):

The Ring Nebula again, this time with a 10-second exposure and a slightly tweaked focus (not quite as bright but definitely in way better focus):

And for the original purpose, over 1200 shots taken of clear, dark sky. And exactly one meager hit. Le Sigh…

There is much more to come about this trip, and the visit to Niagara Falls, and a whole bunch of creamy goodness about camping and lessons learned and all that noise. But for now, these pictures are up…