slow but sure…

So, I’ve picked up this weird habit where every sentence I start these days, I begin with “So…”.


Slow but sure, to be true. It’s been an interesting first few months; lots of change, good and bad. After Sunshine and I got hitched to wrap up The Quarter From Hell, we came back and settled into our new home and started to focus on getting healthy, losing weight and getting more active. I’m convinced that starting from an active, healthy lifestyle is imperative for us to make a good go of it here in Collingswood.

We really like the lifestyle here, strangely enough: it’s very much a walkable community, with easy access to lots of different stuff. There’s plenty of great restaurants right in downtown Collingswood, or we can hop on the train and be in downtown Philly in 15 minutes. Atlantic City is a 45 minute drive away, but my favorite poker room of the area (Parx Casino) is 30 minutes north. We’ve found some free poker, but it isn’t as robust as it was down in Jax, and these days I’d rather play for real money. Last weekend we went down to Parx and I had a good score in the Sunday 80 (got ourselves a new couch!).

Being on the health and diet tip, we’ve joined Planet Fitness (as they’re the only local gym that has hours that map to ours), and Sunshine has been doing a great job of making sure we have good healthy meals and lots of great choices available to us. I’ve lost 11 pounds so far this month, and we’re actively in the midst of a FatBet in the hopes that the competition will keep us focused. We’ve also been doing a lot of walking and hiking, with an eye to getting out for a bit of backpacking here soon (before it gets too hot).

Tonite, I wanted to try and get some sunset shots, and thought that I might be able to get a few decent views from the Ben Franklin Bridge.  I did, but we ended up on the wrong side of the bridge to catch sundown itself, and the hours on the bridge (which closes to foot traffic at 8pm) will make it prohibitive to getting sunset shots until we get back more towards winter…

See how the sun is peeking through the bridge there on the right? There is a walkway on the opposite side, but by the time we figured this out, it was too close to closing time to risk running back and trying to get to the right side… Still, I was able to find a good angle once we got closer to the Philly side. (I love the contrail caught in this shot.)

On the Jersey side of the bridge it arches over Camden and the Rutgers Campus, which includes Campbell’s Field, home of the Camden Riversharks (part of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, which apparently has nothing to do with the MBL). One can get a great view of the stadium from the bridge:

All in all, it was a good night and a great walk, and one we’re likely to do a lot more of in the future. Here’s a slightly too-grainy shot of the Ben Franklin Bridge itself after the sun has set completely:

I was ill-prepared: the batteries were low, and the lens had some goo on it, but I’m still glad we got out (and got a 4 mile walk in for 630 calories, yea baby!). Slowly but surely, things are starting to settle in and get good…