not in many, many moons…

WOW! It’s been a long time since I’d last posted. Prolly something I should yakk about later, but not particularly inspired lately — too much stress.

But I woke up today and decided I wanted to shoot some fireworks, because, well, today is the day to shoot some (picture of, that is)

It stormed most of the evening, but @MASDjax assured us that everything was gonna go off, so as it got close to dark, Sunshine and I headed off to pick a spot near Friendship Fountain to get some choice snaps:

And we definitely did get some! (Remember, click thru the pictures to get the full-size if you like…)

(I ended up with a little bit of wobble in some of the bursts because the camera was mounted on a railing that I’m sure some other people were thumping on whilst it was shooting — I really should have brought my tripod instead of using the GorillaPod…)

All in all, not bad, but some lessons (re-)learned. I used to be really good at this stuff. Man, I gotta take more pictures…