the ongoing hunt…

…to find a decent place to take sunset pictures led me back to the east bank of the St. John’s River. I’d spied a couple of likely candidates–a yacht club and a large school. How foolish I was to think that I might be able to get access to the riverbank from these venues! Fences, cops even. No dice.

Still, I found one interesting view. Unfortunately, it is so distinctive that I doubt I’m going to be able to improve on this shot:

Failing to get near the riverbank, I wandered north again to my current haunts, and grabbed this along the way:

All the way back to San Marco and River Park, and the orange reflection on the water was stunning:

I feel like the above picture doesn’t really do the light justice, but it definitely gives a sense of what I was seeing.

Not too long after sundown, the colors started to really pop in the sky:

There was so much drama in the sky at this point, I had to try something I haven’t done in a long while (click to embiggen):

So, I’m definitely shooting more. The first two pictures were both taken with the 50mm, but I just wasn’t happy with the framing I was getting when the drama got big, so I had to move to a wide zoom lens to get the full scope. Still, each day I shoot with it I learn a little bit more of what it is capable, which is the whole point, innit?