second try moon

So, got my new rig, a Canon 60D, hooked up to the ‘scope tonite. The viewing was pretty misty, the cloud cover mildly wispy but definitely there.

Focus is the challenge of this game:

There is definitely some softness in the edges of the craters and the horizon. I screwed around with this for several minutes before I realized what the problem was: this close up, this little bugger is bookin’. So much so that during a normal shot (1/250ths of a second) the movement is enough to introduce some softness.

So I backed the ISO out to 6400 (because I can), and backed the exposure time down to 1/1600th of a second (because I can). It gets a little better, certainly more in focus and less blown out, but the image is grainy dim. If I crank up the highlights it introduces some chromatic aberration (note the false bluish tone in the center):

Yup–this shot is still a little soft, but the crater and rays of Tycho are much more defined. The focus problems hopefully can be better addressed by working through the Live View (LCD) display, because focusing through the viewfinder still doesn’t 100% match what lands on the sensor. But these are tough problems to have, eh? So stoked…