torrey pines coastwalk, part duh (now with more wieners!)

(Alas, there are no pictures of wieners.  Unless you count the goombah on the right…)

So, the original plan was to park in the Torrey Pines Glider Port parking lot and climb down onto the beach, hopefully making beachfall somewhere north of the Wieners section of Black’s Beach.  Instead, we feared the parking lot closure times, parked on the street outside the Glider Port and walked down smack dab in the middle of Wienerama.

Interestingly enough, this time, there seemed to be remarkably fewer outright perverts wandering around with hard-ons.  Most of the guys were just out walking their hedgehogs in the breeze: they would stand at the water’s edge with their hands on their hips and their hogs giving the rest of the beach maximum profile.  Or they’d go stand at the base of the cliffs, looking up, hands on their hips.  Always with their hands on the hips–it’s not as if there are any pockets.

What was funniest was noticing the Peregrination of the Hedgehogs: all of the naked guys would go marching up and down the beach, but never in groups, always alone.  They needed to maintain a buffer of quite a few feet amongst themselves–sometimes this would cause a bunch of them to stall, as they spun in lazy little circles trying to determine which way they can march their hogs without having to “cross swords” with anyone else.

And there were boobies!  Like, actual nekkid wimmins!  Alas, it was unappetizing at best.

Anyway: I got some cliff shots in, and we circled back up through Torrey Pines park and back to the Glider Port.  There, I caught some nice sunset shots.  A 7 mile hike and some sunset photography: it was a great weekend!

These two both look GREAT if you can spin your monitor vertically and set this up at the background…just sayin’, you can click through to the full-size image for just such a fun reason…