coastwalk: sunday wiener edition!

“The wiener is not a good place to get skin cancer.”

– Sunshine, June 27, 2010, on Black’s Beach in La Jolla

So: do not fear, no pictures of wiener here.  But there sure were a lot of wieners on our coast walk today.  We decided to do a long walk starting at Scripps Pier and ending at Torrey Pines State Beach, with the option of circling back on foot up Torrey Pines hill, going back the way we came along the water, or taking a bus…we took the bus, but only because we were pressed for time.

Our chosen path also took us through Black’s Beach, a clothing-optional area.  Which means WIENERS!

I get ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning (wieners!).  We parked at the UCSD parking lot near the theater, and walked down through the aquarium to the footbridge over Torrey Pines Road:

As you can see, it was grey and dim and just not a great day for taking pictures (without doing lots of rude things to the saturation, which I loathe), so I didn’t shoot much (WIENERS!).  The only other post-worthy pic I took is this reflectional beastie…

The house at the top of the hill is insanely huge and ostentatious.  At this point, we were about a couple hundred yards from the beginning of Black’s Beach.

Our first concrete encounter with Black’s was a middle-aged guy in a blue t-shirt and nothing else.  He was repeatedly pulling up his shirt and pulling on his dick.  He looked like he was watching/stalking someone who was climbing up the path out of the beach.  He wouldn’t leave his dick alone, he was like a three-year-old, clinging to it like a handle or a security blanket.

As we got beyond him, we saw a naked jogger, again with a t-shirt on.  And then we saw a group of four playing volleyball–three naked old dudes, and one woman in a bathing suit.  Oh, and their tweenage daughters, frolicking in the sand as many a naked old man wiener bounced, jiggled and sashayed by.  It was a bit disturbing.

Another jogger (this time without a t-shirt).  A guy who’d built himself a shielding ring of umbrellas on the sand, and then stood above them, his weenus flapping in the breeze.  We did see one couple, but the girl was huddled around her (presumable) boyfriend, shivering in the overcast cool that is San Diego in June.

But we saw LOTS of naked old dudes!  Playing volleyball!  Acting like NOTHING WAS WRONG and we should all just ignore the pink elephant in the room!  It was odd.

By the time we got beyond Black’s Beach, I had to pee so bad that I didn’t really get to stop and enjoy some of the awesome scenery along the cliffs.  And I didn’t want to take the chance that one of the wieners might think I was photographing it–I suspect they needed little encouragement…