sunset trail, part duh…

…we hiked this trail awhile back, and really enjoyed it.  Since it’s been so long since we’ve been out on a hike (last hike we took was at San Jacinto) and even longer since we’d been on one with the dogs (I have no post from the last hike we took with the mutts because I took no pictures, being too damn busy carrying AnnaBelle back to the car…) that we figured it would be a good refresher for all of us.

We were right, a great time was had by all:

AnnaBelle took right to the trail, tearing along like we hadn’t had her out in months (I guess that’s true…).  The two of them were very happy:

At the end of this trail there’s a small pond called “Water in the Woods”.  This time of year, it is more bog than pond, but these two were undaunted and launched right in, Belly coming out looking ridiculously muddy (another picture I failed to get…sigh).

The colors in the woods were starting to come on:

All in all, a good return to the woods of eastern San Diego county.  Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, I suspect we’re going to be getting back to this a lot more.

Oh: and Sunshine has her new torch set up!  Sweet!