palm springs let us just lay there and take it…

…but eventually, we had to get up and move in order to finish things off.

(This post is resurrected from something I drafted and never posted. So deal.)

Sunshine and I spent the weekend in Palm Springs. It was a debate as to whether we’d do that or Vegas–the original plan was to go to Vegas right after Kevin & Andi’s wedding, as the assumption was that we’d already be a good portion of the way there.

However, finances and timing made all those plans go to hell, and in the intervening week, we started thinking that a weekend soaking up the sun by the pool at a hotel in Palm Springs would be better for a couple reasons: less hectic and a helluva lot closer drive-wise. Also, we’d never actually done Palm Springs, and the bumped weekend was totally slammed in Vegas, so that pretty much resolved things for us.

The drive out was totally awesome–at Tad’s recommendation, we took the back way through Cahuilla, via 79, 371 and 74 down into Palm Springs. We managed to time the drive down just as the sun was going down, and I caught some awesome shots:

I got lots of shots very similar to this, with a vast spread of jebus rays and various hues of orange and pink and purple–but I’ll spare y’all the redundancy.

And that, my friends, was basically the last time I shot all weekend. We piled into the hotel, immediately headed off to a convenience store for a binge of junkfood and wine, and we watched cable into the night, happily stuffing our faces. As we’ve called it in the past, we Left the Reservation.

Unfortunately, reality managed to intrude Saturday morning, and I had to consume complimentary continental breakfast while getting some work done. Once that was out of the way, Sunshine and I spent the day casually wandering around Palm Springs, hitting some stores, doing some driving, and basically getting nothing really accomplished. Later in the day, we headed back to the hotel room, loaded up on some more junkfood, Kahlua Mudslides, and our books, and lazed by the pool until dinnertime.

We Yelp’d for a Thai recommendation, and I won’t even bother to mention it–it was really unmentionable. Even the sticky rice with mango was bland and off. We wrapped up the night on a high note, though, seeing The Hangover in a theater (the first time we’d been to a movie in a theater since our earliest dates!)–very funny, highly recommended.

Sunday morning, we got up for breakfast at Cheeky’s, another Yelp recommendation, and another ho-hum meal. They obviously favor the (gay) locals, as a few tables walked in and got seated ahead of us, which kind of turned me to start out. The breakfast wasn’t much of a redemption–Sunshine’s had way too much onion, and mine was small and largely bland.

Because Sunshine was really craving good salmon, I found the nearest Jewish deli in town, Sherman’s, and we had our weekend-redeeming meal: bagels with lox and cream cheese, absolutely awesome lox. I also had to have my obligatory hit of halva.

All of this left us well-primed for the Tramway up San Jacinto, where I shot a number of pictures, none of them very exceptional. The ride up was awesome and we took the short two-mile hike around the top of the mountain.

All in all, we were fat-n-happy, and had a good, low-key, relaxing time. Lookit how smug we are!