gocco on black paper…

…one of the very cool things my Sunshine bestowed upon me for Saturnalia this year was a couple of reams of 4×6 black cardstock, for printing with the Gocco. She also got me a number of inks that I hadn’t been able to put my hands on, including all of the watercolor effect inks and many of the older, “light” inks.

I’ve had a design in mind for a while that I’ve wanted to try to do, simply as an exercise in registration, inspired by Victor Vasarely’s work. After much trial and error (including firing four different screens before settling on the following inkset), here’s one of the best of the run of 60:

vasarely sphere 1 final

What’s interesting is that the final print, well registered, doesn’t really display the image the way it is intended. Look at separate prints of the individual layers:

screen 1

screen 2

In contrast, a poorly registered final print shows a better impression of the overall image:

vasarely sphere 1 bad registration

What I’m not showing here is all the prior attempts to make the black stock work. The watercolor effects essentially disappeared. The fluorescent series also just disappeared on the black background. The blue and violet pearlescents at least showed up better, but they lost all color differentiation as the dried. The only acceptable output was with the silver and gold.

I’m going to try the same print next year when I’m working with Chet in the screenprinting class.