From the eBay ad:

Custom built screeen-printing machine. This one of a kind machine was built by Stan Peterson, in Columbus, Ohio, for the High Gear Graphics, t-shirt event merchandising business. It was used to print event t-shirts at car shows. It is a six color, one station machine. It does have some very special options. It rolls on vintage Craigerâ„¢ drag wheels with authentic drag slicks by M & H Tire Co., it has Hemi valve covers, car stereo, Wheelie air ram with button activation ( Yes it actual lifts the front wheel off the ground when you push the button), spoilers, Richardson Print Heads, and it rolls on the wheels. It does not steer, it only rolls forward and backward. This machine is a unique opportunity to own a piece of t-shirt history. It is perfect for motor-sport events, auto memorabilia collections, and production printing (low volume of course). The machine is in excellent condition, The print heads work, the paint is excellent, and the chrome good. The machine has been on display in private collection for the last 10 years.

Yee. Hah.