a bee bop a loo bop a wop bam boom

Taken: August 31, 2007, Ocean Beach, California

tutti fruitti

On rudy.

Tonite (or, more correctly, tomorrow morning), I’m gonna try and shoot some of the Aurigids Meteor Shower. At 4:30 AM, the peak could be upwards of 200 sightings per hour (over three a minute)! I’m going to mount the camera on a tripod, set up next to it with a blanket and the wired remote, and take a crapload of two-second shots. Hopefully, I’ll get some streaks in there, and I’ll be able to map them all together and get something really interesting.

Of course, now that I’m here selling it before I can shoot it, it will go all to hell on me. Every time I open my mouth on something before it’s done, that’s when it all goes wrong-wrong-wrong. Sigh.

Sorry. Nevermind.