hell in a handbasket…

Things seem to be accelerating downhill:

  • Congress has managed to resurrect the notion of a national ID card, and they seem to be very close to getting it passed. Go to http://unrealid.com to voice your opinion on this horrific step away from freedom.
  • FTC has decided that net neutrality is a myth and that consumers should “…[T]rust the marketplace“. This is, of course, pure crap–it will take a couple of years, but overwhelmingly, bandwidth will only go to those who can afford it. Think of the tools of communication that have been consistently wrestled from the public’s hands and placed in the care of a privileged few: newpapers, television, radio. Say goodbye to the Internet.
  • The Supreme Court appears to have lost its mind:
  • Our fearless leaders believe themselves to be above the law and rejects the subpoenas regarding the firings of federal prosecutors.
  • And, lastly, horses are sleeping with zebras: behold, the Zorse!

As Dr. Pournelle so often says on his daylog: Liberalism is a philosophy of consolation as the West commits suicide.