santa monica pier

After the Getty visit, we drove down to Santa Monica Pier, mostly just to pass the time until we were ready to go to C&O. I got some great shots last time I shot here with Woodapple (a Post From the Past I’ll have to make soon), and I was hoping for some more this time ’round.

This one is my personal favorite of the day:

santa monica sunset

It was cold, crowded, and nasty. There was lots going on, but it really boiled down to cynical consumption and bad coffee. For example, it being Memorial Day weekend, someone had erected a large installation of mock soldier’s graves, as a way of causing everyone to think and remember those dying for freedoms already dead.

And then there’s this guy:


Slime Zone, indeed.

Beyond that, probably the most interesting thing on the pier was this one street artist, throwing complete clay faces on demand. Stunning, and fast:

live sculture

And one more sunset. I’d tell you all about C&O, but then you’d just go and ruin it.

santa monica