padres vs. dodgers

Jenferner’s dad, Pedro, hit us with tickets to last night’s Padres/Dodgers game.

They were smokin’ seats (best I’ve ever had at a game–first time in a long time I had to look up at a foul ball), but this fuzzy-headed asshole kept getting in my way:

friar asshole

After parking halfway across town (I got head-faked by a woman in a Dodgers cap parked over by Kansas City Barbecue stripping off her heels and putting on boots, which caused me to think we were within walking distance of the stadium…buh), and then entering the stadium and walking (the long way) to our seats (stopping for ‘dogs and ‘chos and eerf reeb*), only to find that someone appeared to be in them.

As it goes, where we stopped was still very much under the balcony of the seats above. When we showed our tickets to the attendant, she shook her head and said “No, you guys are way down there” pointing at the dugout (you can kind of see the front edge of the dugout in yet another shot of the fuzzy-headed idiot):

By the time we got to our seats it was the 5th inning. I (obviously) dragged along my rig, along with my (used but to me) new lens. It’s very fast, and got me some satisfying action shots. Most of these were shot at ISO1600, so they’re pretty grainy up close (all pictures are clickable for full-size!). This one below is about as good as I could get with the T80; any better will involve me becoming technically more adept:


Even so, this guy was givin’ me lens envy:

lens envy

And this just might be the world’s biggest teleconference screen:


These guys were very interested in what was going on:


It was a good game, definitely a pitcher’s event. First pitch went out at 7:05, and we were down to Trevor Time by 9:03:

trevor time

The Dodgers didn’t completely suck, but they didn’t seem to be able to connect with much:


And in pretty short order, it was top of the ninth, visitors down by one run, two outs, two strikes. Note just about everyone standing (this was shot with the Q300):

strike three

And then, of course, the obligatory fireworks (this, back on the T80, with a little slow shutter speed):


And, just in case you think my life is all sunsets and baseball, here’s a little mayhem:


* “eerf reeb”, to the observant, is Free Beer. As I stood in line for the ‘dogs, the attendant handed the group in front of me a Gordon Biersch bottle, opened. As they rang things up, they said “We didn’t want this” and handed it back to him. After they walked off, he held it out to me and said “You saw me open this, but I can’t sell it anymore. You want it?” What do you think I said? That’s my favorite kind of beer!