sony so far…

So: I moved my workflow to Google Photos, and basically stopped updating here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really provide a platform for publishing continuously, like in a blog format. Also, I have decided I loathe Facebook, so using it as a platform for propagating links is problematic. How I promote the blog is going to be interesting. I want to move my primary social media point to Instagram, and would like things posted here to show up there. Of course, there’s also the problem of brand alignment: OBReal on IG, missionblvd here, and I’m starting to get traction. Part of why I’ve been paused here is I’ve been thinking of a wider re-brand.

I recently did a complete refresh of my photographic platform, and I’m slowly getting my sea legs. Consequently, I’ve been shooting a lot, but still struggling with the use of the cameras. I’m totally stoked by some of the new glass, including the 2.8/20mm prime, and the 10-18mm zoom. I’m also totally stoked by cutting my gear carrying weight over two thirds.

But I still struggle with the controls, and keeping things set where they need to be. I need to spend some quality time with the manuals, setting things up in the way that I know I like to work. Used to be I could operate the Canon 60d blindfolded (and often did so in the dark). I need to get there with the new Sonys.

So, it’s a mega-post. This is what I think is presentable from the new camera work. I promise it will get better. And it gets better as time goes on, so keep scrolling. And thanks for stopping by…

Sloan’s Lake Sunrise, 3/4/17

Eleven Mile Reservoir, Eleven Mile State Park, 3/4/17

Garden of the Gods, 3/4/17

Green Mountain (Boulder Park), 3/5/17

Sloan’s Lake, 3/10/17

Green Mountain (Lakeside), 3/13/17

Green Mountain (Lakeside), 3/13/17

North Table Mountain, 3/12/17

(Looking west from) North Table Mountain, 3/12/17

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, 3/14/17

(I don’t recall exactly where, but somewhere on the way to ) Golden Gate Canyon State Park, 3/14/17

Sloan’s Lake, 3/13/17

Lowell Gulch, 3/17/17

(Driving past) Sloan’s Lake, 3/18/17

Juniper Pass, 3/19/17

Elk Meadows Open Space Park, 3/19/17